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Pet access made easy with PetLatch

Adjusts to your pet's size.

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3.5” to 6.7”PetLatchTM for cats.
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5.7” to 9”PetLatchTM for dogs.
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Alternative to cat or dog door

Does your family include a cat or dog? If you answered yes, you know just how much their freedom means to them. Allowing your pet access to your home and garden when they want (and when you feel it’s safe) is one of the best things you can do for their health and well-being. Just like us, they enjoy the freedom to come and go as they please – enjoying life outside when the weather’s nice and being able to snuggle safely inside when it’s not.

New PetLatch™ is a great alternative to a dog door or cat flap and means you can now change any door or window – whichever way it opens and whatever it’s made of – into a securely locked pet door.

Your pet's natural habits

While cats often prefer to use windows, dogs almost always use doors. With PetLatch™ no re-training is required; PetLatch™ complements your pet’s natural habits and usual means of entry and exit.

New PetLatch™ for cats is adjustable between 3.5” and 6.7” and PetLatch™ for dogs is adjustable between 5.7” to 9”. Use the adjuster above to check which one best suits you and your pet. Both are a true DYI product being quick and easy to install yourself, they’re made from C304 stainless steel and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Pet access has never been this safe, simple and secure.

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