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Pet Access Made Easy: Why Our Fans Love Their PetLatch

February 18, 2020

We use PetLatch in our own homes and we see its utility and value every day, and while we could spend all day telling you about how they’ve improved our lives (and the lives of our pets), sometimes it’s better to let someone else do the talking. That’s why we’ve collected some of our favorite emails and reviews for PetLatch below. At the end of the day, PetLatch is about allowing pet access and improving the quality of life for you and your pet. It offers them more freedom of movement and fresh air, which can have a massive impact on their wellbeing. But don’t take our word for it, let’s see what people have to say about it.


“So, so happy Steve! Thank you so much. Best thing ever. I’ll recommend you to everyone who has kitties.”

Caryn, Bishop’s Court, Cape Town

Cats are sometimes viewed as the easy option when it comes to pets, you can just put food out or leave a window open, but anyone who has been woken up by a cat scratching at your door or window in the middle of the night knows how annoying they are when they can’t get outside. With PetLatch for Cats you can leave a door or window open, but locked so your cat can come and go as it pleases, and you can rest easy.


Thanks for dispatching my order so quickly. Arrived today and fitted. Photos attached including showing that the dogs have already worked out that they have a new exit! Many thanks

Mike, United Kingdom
pet access made easy

PetLatch for Dogs can accommodate a wide range of dog shapes and sizes. And as an added benefit it can be adjusted as your dog grows. That’s why it really is a great alternative to traditional doggie doors, which not only require you to cut a physical hole in your door, but will need to be replaced when your dog outgrows it. PetLatch is a true DIY product and fits quickly and painlessly onto any type of door. 


“Such a quality and useful product I just had fit it to all my windows at the “cottage”.

Georg Kukulies, South Africa

While PetLatch is meant as a quality of life enhancer for pets, it is at its core a security device. That’s why it’s made from C304 stainless steel and consists of four simple parts fitted together in a way that makes it almost impossible to open or remove without a key. 


“I would fully recommend PetLatch to friends. The company kept me up to date at each stage of the order and helped me with advice about fitting. It fitted despite an insulation panel blocking the middle of the door. I am not a DIY guru but with a drill, hammer and screwdriver I finished the job in around fifteen minutes. I’d recommend watching the online video first.”

Alex, London, England
door restrictor PetLatch

Even if you aren’t a DIY whizz, PetLatch is surprisingly easy to install. To install PetLatch all you will need is either a drill and screwdriver, or pop rivet gun. According to our own experience and customer feedback, the PetLatch device takes about 15 minutes to install. If you run into any problems you can follow Alex’s advice above, and watch the tutorial video or use one of our detailed step-by-step guides. Each PetLatch comes with the screws or rivets you require meaning you can install it the minute it arrives.


As promised, here are pics of the PetLatch that we installed on the garage door into the house. The kitty’s litter box is in the garage so we wanted to provide access for that as well as keep the entrance from the garage secure. We added the hook to the door to keep the latch from getting in the way of the door closing when we wanted to close the garage door into the house.

It’s working awesome and it’s nice to know that the house is secure in the event the garage door actually goes up in the middle of the day or night.
Thank you for the quick shipping and communication along the way!

Lisa, Austin, Texas
pet access made easy with PetLatch

When it comes to pets and security there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. And while most options will offer one very specialized solution, PetLatch is different. It can work on any type of door and window, whichever way it opens and whatever it is made of. Take the example of Lisa who attached it to her garage door to let her cat access its litterbox. 


To finish off this article we just wanted to share some extra photos and feedback that we loved.

The PetLatch arrived today and it is perfect thanks! As requested, here is a picture.

Sue, Norfolk, England
pet access made easy with PetLatch

We finally installed our PetLatches on two of our doors, will be doing the cats window tomorrow. As promised here are pictures of each door.

pet access made easy with PetLatch

Have you got a PetLatch installed in your home? If you do we’d love to hear what you think of our product. Why not send some feedback and pictures to, and maybe, we’ll feature you in a future article.

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for cats

Pet access has never been this easy.

PetLatch™ for cats is an adjustable lockable latch that allows you to turn any window or door into a cat flap. With PetLatch™ for cats you can leave any window or door open but locked! Whatever it’s made of and whichever way it opens.

Adjustable between 3.5” and 6.7” it’s an ideal and less expensive alternative to a cat flap or any other pet door. Made from C304 stainless steel your PetLatch™ comes with a lifetime guarantee.

$59 – $55 In Stock


for dogs

Pet access has never been this easy.

PetLatch™ for dogs is simply an adjustable lockable latch that allows you to turn any door into a dog door. With PetLatch™ for dogs you can leave any door open but locked! Whatever it’s made of and whichever way it opens.

Adjustable between 5.7” and 9” it’s an ideal and less expensive alternative to a doggy door. Made from C304 stainless steel, your PetLatch™ comes with a lifetime guarantee.

$71 – $67 In Stock

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