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Client Reviews – Pet access made easy

We have and we love it!! I will absolutely take a picture tonight and post it to your fbook!! 🙂 thank you again for the info and wonderful product!

Holly Alex ~ Oceanside, California.

If all else fails look on the troubleshooting page. LOL. I followed the directions and it works perfectly now. Thank you for this great product. We keep our cat box on an upstairs balcony and now I can sleep soundly knowing no one can climb in.

I am going to share it with all of my animal loving friends in California.

Art Weeks ~ Los Angeles, CA

Hi Steve
Thanks for your email.
I really have meant to send you and Fay a HUGE thank you for ensuring we had our locks before our trip to Cape Town last month. Such BRILLIANT service!!

Besides that they were really easy to install…. We love them!


I absolutely love my PetLatch™. I go out during the day and with the heat, my two Yorkies can still get in and out of the house! I have recommended it now to several friends and also PetLatch™ for their windows.

Lee Wells

The PetLatches I purchased are being used by Closka the Cat, she is 4 years old and loves them! Plus they are much easier to install than a regular cat door.

She really enjoys being outside and, with this system, we don’t have to worry the window will close leaving her out or that someone might try and get in.
Now Closka can spend more time hunting for lizards, birds and even the occasional bat!

Sara Coe ~ Barcelona, Spain

Great little product thanks PetLatch™.

Nice alternative to have to cut out glass to install a dog door.


Kyle Poulter

Thank you for exceptional effort regarding client service.
Herewith photo of the PetLatch™ on porch screen door.
Two of the three Schnauzers applauding the design – great for pet access and much better than a dog door.


Steve, Brython,
Thanks very much for the PetLatch™ – fitted to the window now, and very good; especially impressed with the inclusion of security screws – how thoughtful!
Sorry for the delay – been trying to get an action shot.

James ~ Wiltshire, England

We went for a PetLatch™ because we have a glass conservatory with a glass door and it would cost too much to have a pet door in the glass.
Charlie Dog just used the PetLatch™ entrance straight away. We showed him what to do and he just used it.

Sue Watts ~ Tamworth, England

I am happy to report that ‘Oliver’ who is 19 years old discovered his escape route immediately. We chose PetLatch™ as we did not want to put a cat door into our new door.
We wanted to be able to ventilate the Boot room safely and securely as it is on a country lane and we wanted our elderly cat to be able to get in and out easily.
He is black and fluffy and was a big hunter in his younger days. These days he likes to curl up and sleep and be fussed most of the day and doesn’t like change so we were delighted when he shot through the window the first time he saw it.

Belinda Macdonel

Yes working great.

Left the door with the PetLatch™ on the whole afternoon yesterday, my dog was in and out.

You have a great product.

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